Pre-order Chasing the Sun!!!

Hi guys!

You can now pre-order a SIGNED copy of my debut album, “CHASING THE SUN” at the following link:

6 more days until the release!!!!!  So excited!!!

Luvs yas!



T =)


2 Responses to “Pre-order Chasing the Sun!!!”

  1. Loretta Holinaty Says:

    Hi Tara
    I just ordered 4 copies of your Cd. One for Jenna and I and then 2 for a couple girlfriends. We are all so very excited!!!!! I will still go to the store on Tuesday to get one and start listening as I am sure that I will have it worn out in no time. Looks like I am going to miss you while you are in Newfoundland again. You will have to come to Alberta so your family that moved out this way can see you too.
    Congradulations on all your sucess and God Bless! Love you!

  2. Kasey Says:

    CONGRADULATIONS on your cd being number two!!!! it will be number one in no time!!!!

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