The Tara Diaires – The Premiere

Hi guys!!!

As you all know, my TV show premiered on CMT last Sunday. Since I am in Nashville, I had to watch it over webchat with Brian! lol..

I’ll tell ya, I was a nervous wreck all day about this premiere. We’ve been shooting for a couple of months and finally, it was the big day!!!

I wish I was in Canada to actually watch it on TV but, I have a lot of work to do here in Nashville. We’re still filming pieces of the show down here.

I will be returning this Sunday so, I’ll be able to watch episode 2 on my own tv!!! Woo!!

Thank you guys so much for your messages and I’m so glad you guys like it. It means the world to me that you enjoyed it!!!

Episode 2 airs this Sunday @ 9pm on CMT!

Love you all and WE DID IT!!! Just remember, this show would not be possible if you guys hadn’t tuned in to watch my video blogs! =)


T =)

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3 Responses to “The Tara Diaires – The Premiere”

  1. sarah Says:

    um…they don’t seriously want you to lose weight do they!!!???? please tell me no!

  2. Loretta Holinaty Says:

    Hey Tara
    Loved the show….you are so funny! Nice to see Brian on there too. All the best sweetie. We love you!

  3. tara mac Says:

    tara, absolutly loved the first episode! i can’t wait for all the next ones. it’s going to be such a good series. it’s actually really interesting, seeing what all the processes you guys go through putting together the albums and stuff. keep up the great work! can’t wait for episode 2! :)
    – tara mac

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